Bicycle parking and air pumps

A bike corral made up of a group of U-shap bike racks

We install convenient bike parking throughout Vancouver.

Our bike racks keep your bike out of the way of people walking and provide greater security than locking your bicycle to sign posts.

Request bike parking

Submit a request online for new bike parking.

Types of bike parking

Traditional bike racks

Traditional bike racks

Bike racks provide quick places to lock your bicycle. The City installs several around Vancouver. Businesses may install bike racks to support their customers. Free public bicycle racks are also available at downtown EasyPark lots.

U-shaped bike rack

U-shaped bike racks

These racks lock up to two bikes at a time and use less sidewalk space than traditional racks. U-shaped bike racks are accessible and attractive, eliminate clutter from sidewalks, and reduce hazards to people walking on sidewalks.

A set of bike lockers outside a SkyTrain station

Bike lockers provided by TransLink

TransLink provides bike lockers at many SkyTrain stations and Park and Ride locations for monthly rental.

For information about rates visit TransLink's website  or send your questions to

Public bike pumps

Bike pump at Union and Hawks

Union and Hawks

There is a foot-operated air pump that's free to use on the busy Adanac bike route at Union Street and Hawk Street.