Leave bus zones for buses

TransLink buses are very large vehicles that need a lot of room to stop, load, and unload passengers.

Section 17.3 of Street and Traffic Bylaw 2849 reserves bus zones for TransLink vehicles. Emergency vehicles - fire engines, ambulances, and police vehicles - are the only exception to bus stop regulations.

 IMPORTANT: Parking Enforcement has a zero-tolerance policy about parking or stopping in a bus zone. If you park or stop in a bus zone, your vehicle will be ticketed, and possibly towed.

Why it is unsafe to park in bus zones

The City has a zero-tolerance policy on parking in bus zones. Unauthorized vehicles in bus zones are not just an inconvenience to bus drivers, but they are also a potential hazard to pedestrians and motorists.

When you leave your vehicle in a bus zone to use a bank machine or buy a cup of coffee:

  • People are forced to board or leave the bus on the roadway instead of curbside.
  • People using wheelchairs or with other physical limitations may not be able to board or exit the bus.
  • A bus forced to load or unload passengers on the roadway blocks the flow of traffic for other motorists.
  • A bus forced to pull into a small portion of the bus zone may overhang into a crosswalk or intersection. This pushes other pedestrians out of the crosswalk, and creates visibility problems for motorists.

Park smart, and leave the bus zones for buses.

Read the by-law

Street & Traffic Bylaw

Regulates traffic, the use of streets, and the size and weight of vehicles that are permitted to travel on City of Vancouver streets.