Person playing the piano at the Bute-Robson Trial Plaza

Bute-Robson Plaza

Beginning in the summer of 2017, we've been piloting a new public space on Bute and Robson Street, in partnership with the local BIA. This car-free space is for sitting, socializing, relaxing, and holding small events.

Staff have tested different lay outs, measured traffic impacts, observed behaviour in the space, and engaged with the community on a potential permanent plaza in this location.

The results indicate that the plaza is well used by locals and visitors, with no adverse congestion impacts to the neighbourhood. There is also strong community support, with over 75% of survey respondents supporting a permanent plaza in this location.

The space was identified as a potential street-to-plaza conversion in our Transportation 2040 Plan and the West End Community Plan.

What's happening

Council approves permanent plaza

On November 29, 2017, Council unanimously approved a staff recommendation that the space become a permanent plaza, and the current trial be extended until a permanent design is built.

Online questionnaire

Thank you to everyone that completed our survey to help shape the future of the plaza!