Clarendon Street connector project

The Clarendon Connector project is located within the Norquay Village Neighbourhood. The lack of connectivity in Norquay Village’s street network south of Kingsway has been a longstanding challenge for the community placing substantial traffic volumes on local streets. In response and consistent out work planning and acquiring lots for an extention of Clarendon Street from it's present T-intersection at E 34th Avenue northward to form a similar T-intersection at East 33rd Avenue.

Project details


  • Clarendon Street northerly from East 34th Avenue to East 33rd Avenue

Duration of work

  • Start: Tuesday, October 01, 2013 (date subject to change)
  • End: July 2014

Hours of work

  • Monday to Friday, 7:00am to 5:00pm (may include weekend work)


  • Completed 

Impacts to traffic, parking and residents

Traffic along Clarendon Street will not be closed during construction, although you may experience traffic delays.

How this project will improve the city

This project will provide a direct connection to the proposed community amenities planned for the 2400 Kingsway Development site, improved pedestrian and cyclist safety by bulging corners, restricting movements by motor vehicles, and signalizing the new intersection of Clarendon/East 33rd Avenue, improved connectivity for all modes and relieve sevewal local streets of inappropriate through traffic.