A transit bus stopped at a bus stop

Improving buses as part of our COVID-19 Restart Smart plan

Transit helps people get to essential services, jobs, shops, and activities. It’s got to be reliable and safe as the economy restarts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our goals

  • Make bus trips faster and more reliable
  • Manage road congestion
  • Support safe physical distancing at bus stops

We’re working to keep Vancouver moving as part of our COVID-19 Restart Smart plan.

With funding from TransLink, we’ll complete four bus-priority pilot projects in 2020 on key corridors: Granville Street, 49th Avenue, Main Street and Kingsway, and Robson Street.

For many years, these corridors have had some of the worst bus delays in the region. 

When using transit, masks are now mandatory.

Priority projects

We have four transit priority pilot projects as part of our recovery plan: Granville Street, 49th Avenue, Main and Kingsway, and Robson Street.


Get the definitions to understand the improvements we're making with our bus transit priority pilot project.

What's happeningStarting fall 2020

We’ll change signs and pavement markings along the key corridors to improve transit travel times and reliability in fall 2020.

In some areas, we’ll also build temporary sidewalk extensions and change parking regulations to support the bus-priority projects.

During the pilot, we’ll monitor transit, traffic, and parking data with TransLink while receiving feedback from residents, transit riders, and businesses to make adjustments as necessary.

After this period, we’ll determine which of the bus-priority measures should be made permanent, considering the benefits, impacts, and any feedback received during the trial. 

​​​​​​Making Streets for People program

Some of these low-impact projects are being implemented alongside temporary patios, pop-up plazas, and Slow Streets, which help businesses and support public-life recovery.

Learn more about Making Streets for People