Cargo bike and cyclist

Moving goods and services by bike

Bikes are efficient, reliable and healthy ways to deliver and move goods and services in the city.

Many types of bikes can be used such as two-wheeled pedal bikes, bikes with trailers, cargo bikes, trikes, and electric-assist bikes.



The term “cyclelogistics” is used to describe the integration of bikes into the goods movement network to improve the efficiency and reduce the impacts of deliveries in cities. This use of bikes instead of trucks and vans is common in many cities around the world and is beginning to take off in Canada.

Review the Cargo Bike Guide for Businesses (2.7 MB) for more information on cargo bike styles, trends, benefits, regulations, and more.

Licenses and permits you need to operate a business with your bike

Bike couriers

Bike couriers operate a self-propelled bicycle to transport goods. Find out how to get your bike courier licence and renew your bike courier plate.


Pedicabs are self-propelled or motor-assisted three-wheeled vehicles that transport up to two people (plus the driver). Find out how to apply for a pedicab licence.

Roaming street food vending

If you want to sell food on city property using a vending unit that you move from location to location, you need a roaming food vending permit.

Related  plans and policies

Climate Emergency Action Plan

Our plan focuses on cutting carbon pollution from our biggest local sources: burning fossil fuels in our buildings and vehicles.

Transportation 2040 Plan

Our plan provides a vision for how people and goods move in and around Vancouver for the next 30 years.