Decode Congestion Hackathon

We hosted our second annual hackathon at UBC on November 8 to 10, 2019. The Decode Congestion Hackathon engaged Vancouver residents to use data and new technologies to create solutions that optimize street use for an efficient, safe and reliable transportation network.

Hackers spent one evening and two full days working in teams coding collaboratively to create digital solutions to solve a specific problem. Using data and information provided by the City, about 150 participants developed and presented solutions that focused on five key areas:

  • Improve monitoring of traffic conditions and trends
  • Improve road safety
  • Ensure a smart and efficient transportation system
  • Coordinate street use
  • Prioritize people and goods movement

Solutions were judged on innovation, feasibility, user experience, strategic thinking, and alignment with the challenge. 

Thank you to everyone who participated at the event.

Read the rules and regulations (184 KB)

The challenge

Use data and new technologies to create solutions that optimize street use for an efficient, safe, and reliable transportation network.

Top solutions

Next steps

“The DeCode Congestion Hackathon was a great success, highlighting the diversity of viewpoints and complexity of the challenge statement through the different proposed solutions,” said Sherwood Plant, Senior Street Use and Traffic Coordination Engineer.

We're taking a deeper dive into all the proposed solutions and will be exploring if any of them would be feasible to develop further.

Event details

Judges, speakers, and mentors

Meet our engineers and planners

Find out what they do and the problems they are trying to solve in this video playlist.

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