Person riding an electric scooter


E-scooters are an accessible and sustainable way to move around and explore Vancouver.

Download our latest bike map (6 MB) for recommended routes. Or, pick up a copy at your local library or community centre.

Find out where you can cycle, ride, and scoot

Where you can scoot

  • All city streets marked 50 km/hr or less
  • All greenways, bikeways, bike lanes, and protected cycle lanes
  • Seawall and park paths where bikes are allowed

Know the rules: How to scoot safely in Vancouver


Be at least 16 or older*

Wear a helmet*

Walk your e-scooter on sidewalks

Make sure your brakes are working

Use bike lanes and cycle routes whenever possible

Reduce your speed on shared paths

Signal when turning

Use your bell when passing others

Turn on lights between sunset and sunrise

Watch for potholes and other bumps


Ride on sidewalks*

Exceed 25 km/hr*

Ride in a crosswalk*

Carry other passengers (one person per device)*

Drink and scoot*

Use your phone or any other device while riding*

* Violation of these rules may result in a ticket.

Get skateboarding information

Skateboard Amenities Strategy

The strategy guides the Park Board, our departments, and private developers to expand skate amenities, meeting current and future needs.

Skateboard parks

The Park Board operates several skate parks – find information about the city’s skateboard parks and learn how to reserve a skateboard park.

Visibility and safety tips

Know how to stay seen and safe during dark times of day and wet weather.

Signs, signals, and regulations

Recognize the signs and signals used in Vancouver and know the regulations that help keep everyone safe.