Fraser Street upgrades

Fraser Street Upgrades: King Edward to 33rd Ave

We’re undertaking routine upgrades to the water and sewer system along Fraser Street from King Edward to E 33rd Avenue, and enhancing the safety of people walking with a new pedestrian signal.

This work will finalize the separated sewer network along Fraser Street to increase capacity and help serve this growing neighbourhood.

Work includes:

  • Water main upgrades from King Edward to E 33rd Ave
  • Sewer separation from E 27th to E 29th Ave
  • Street and sidewalk rehabilitation from King Edward to E 33rd Ave
  • A new pedestrian signal at Fraser and E 28th Ave

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What's happening

Major construction is complete. Minor finishing touches continue to the traffic signal at Fraser and E 33rd Ave until the end of October.

Project details


  • Fraser St, King Edward to E 33rd Ave

Expected duration

  • Start: January 2018
  • End: Late summer 2018 - complete

Hours of work

  • Monday to Friday: 7am to 5pm
  • Weekends and extended hours as needed

How this project may affect you

Access to residences and business

Access to residences and business will be maintained at all times. 


Parking restrictions will be in effect to accommodate construction. Be sure to watch for No Parking signs as restrictions will change as work progresses.

Restrictions will be lifted as soon as they’re no longer needed.


One lane each direction on Fraser St will be retained at all times throughout construction. Traffic delays are expected.

All road users are encouraged to plan ahead by checking road closures online or to connect with us on the go through VanConnect.

Water supply

We will provide advanced notice of any disruption to your water supply, except if there is an emergency.

During construction, you may notice occasional notice cloudy water. This cloudiness is not a health concern and will usually go away within a few hours.

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Tips for businesses

Roadwork toolkit (1.36 MB)

Learn how your business may be affected during construction. Get ideas to prepare for construction and operate during projects.