Musicians playing instruments on Water St outside of a restaurant in Gastown

Gastown public spaces

We are investing in Gastown to repair aging streets and sidewalks.

We are also taking steps to make Gastown’s unique streets, laneways, and public spaces more vibrant, clean, safe, and people-friendly. 

What's happeningMaple Tree Square repairs from March to June 2024 

In March, we will begin repairs to Maple Tree Square including removing damaged brick pavers and asphalt repair patches in the roadway and replacing them with new brick pavers.

These interim repairs will make the street safer and easier to use while we work towards a long-term vision for the area as part of the Gastown Public Spaces Plan

During construction, Maple Tree Square will be closed to vehicles.

Learn more about Gastown repairs and traffic changes 

Water Street pedestrian zone pilot 

This July and August, Water Street will become a pedestrian zone with public seating, expanded patios, art, and other installations. 

Local vehicle access for residents and businesses will be maintained at all times. We are working closely with residents and businesses to reduce impacts.

Learn more about the pilot

What we're doing

Gastown repairs and traffic changes

We’re repairing the streets and sidewalks in Gastown. These upgrades will result in traffic changes throughout the neighbourhood.

Water Street pedestrian zone pilot

We’re temporarily turning Water Street into a vibrant, people-friendly pedestrian zone.

Gastown Public Spaces Plan

We’re working with the local Nations to create a plan for the future of public spaces in Gastown.

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