Harbour Green dock

Harbour Green Dock renewal

The dock and floating walkway at Harbour Green Park are now open.

The Vancouver Park Board has repaired and renewed the facility, which was originally constructed as a pedestrian walkway and a temporary moorage space for small vessels. Over time, unauthorized use by large vessels and unfavorable wave conditions damaged the facility.

The repairs have restored the dock as a walkway and space for short-term recreational moorage and increased the platform’s resilience to the conditions of the inner harbour. 

Safety guidance

For those accessing Harbour Green Park by boat:  

  • Commercial vessels are not permitted at any time 
  • Maximum moorage time for recreational vessels is 3 hours 
  • No vessels are permitted to moor after dusk or before dawn

When using the floating walkway:

  • No cycling, rollerblading, or skateboarding
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult

Walkway may move unexpectedly with incoming waves
Use walkway at your own risk