Parking large vehicles and trailers

Exceptions to rules

Rules depend on:

  • Where the large vehicle is parked and what it is used for
  • If the vehicle has a street use permit

Review these rules in the Street and Traffic By-law, Sections 20.1-20.3 (941 KB)

We have specific parking restrictions for large vehicles because they can be a nuisance for people and businesses. 

Large vehicles, such as moving vans, oversize limousines, and construction trucks:

  • Can park on the street for up to 3 hours between 6am to 10pm
  • Cannot park on the street between 10pm to 6am

Trailers, when parked, must always be attached to vehicles.

How we define large vehicles and their specific parking rules

Street use permits

Do you need to park a large vehicle at these times?

  • 6am to 10pm: Over 3 hours
  • 10pm and 6am: Anytime

Learn how to apply for a street use permit