Taxi driving down a street

Limos, ride-hailing vehicles, and taxis on the street

Ride-hailing is a new-to-BC service that connects drivers with passengers seeking vehicle transportation through an online platform.

Our goal is for limos, ride-hailing vehicles, and taxis on the street to complement transit and active travel, advance shared mobility, and contribute to an efficient and safe transportation system.

Drivers, passengers, and companies can help ensure that all ride-hailing activity follows both our street and traffic by-laws and the Province’s rules .

Can’t find a location for pick-up or drop-off?

Phone 3-1-1 and let us know. Depending on the street use needs for the neighbourhood, we may be able to install a new passenger zone. 

Curbside and congestion management permit

Our curbside and congestion management permit (CCMP) helps to manage streets and traffic congestion during peak transportation times.

Guide for ride-hailing drivers

Review our parking reference guide for ride-hailing drivers  (318 KB).

This applies to Uber, Lyft, and other ride-hailing companies.

Licensing requirements

To operate in Vancouver, companies must have both a Provincial TNS licence from the Passenger Transportation Board and a municipal business licence, which includes a per vehicle fee.

Review the requirements