Main Street Translink bus stop relocation project

City crews are working to relocate the Translink bus stop on the west side of Main Street north of East 28th Ave to a new bus stop location south of East 28th Avenue.


  • 4400 blk Main St (from E 28th Ave to E 29th Ave)

Expected duration

  • Start: Monday, June 10,2013
  • End: Friday, August 02, 2013

Hours of work

  • Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 3:30pm


  • Completed

Impacts to traffic, parking, businesses and residents

Traffic on Main Street will not be closed during construction, though traffic delays can be expected.

Businesses access will be maintained at all times.

Local parking may be affected by the presence of work trailers and equipment. Temporary parking restrictions will be removed as soon they no longer needed.

How this project will improve the city

This project include the installation of  a bus bulge on the west side of Main St south of E 28th Ave as well as a pedestrian bulge in the southeast corner of Main St and E 28th Avenue.

The changes will provide a wider sidewalk for pedestrians, accomodate cycling facility at sidewalk level, create shorter crossing distance for pedestrians and cyclists, provide accessibility given the closer distance of the new bus stop location to the existing traffic signal and crosswalk. This will also improve the transit operation.

City contact

Project Coordinator
Ross Maki

Phone: 604-873-7746