Making Streets for People Program

Temporary changes we made during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we made temporary changes to how we use our city streets and public spaces. These changes were made as part of the ‘Making Streets for People’ program, which aimed to help residents:

  • Physically distance
  • Mitigate the risk of COVID-19 to our communities
  • Support economic recovery

What the program included

  • Approving temporary patios so people could dine out and businesses could continue to serve customers 
  • Creating pop-up plazas so people could gather outside
  • Calming traffic to make ‘slow streets’ more comfortable for people walking, biking, and rolling
  • Making more room to line up and board buses at some key stops
  • Repurposing street space for more walking, biking, and rolling along Beach Ave and supporting connections into and throughout Stanley Park
  • Making more room for walking and queuing along busy streets 

These measures also support our ongoing effort to create safer streets, limit the effects of climate change, and increase social connection between residents.

We have monitored these initiatives since their deployment and received feedback from the community. Many of these changes remain in place pending their transition to other planning processes over the longer term. 

Slow Streets

Slow Streets are routes for walking, cycling, and rolling that make it easier to exercise and access businesses in your local neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood plazas

Neighbourhood plazas help with community life and support local businesses.