Neighbourhood plazas

Pop-up plazas update

Over 20 pop-up plazas were installed during the Covid-19 pandemic and have remained as a well-loved addition to Vancouver’s public realm.

These plazas are being upgraded and are here to stay. To reflect this change, they will now be referred to as neighbourhood plazas.

Neighbourhood plazas are small outdoor public plazas that provide space to eat, rest, socialize, and participate in neighbourhood activities.

Neighbourhood plazas have a vital role in public life. They support:

  • Local businesses
  • Celebrations and community events
  • Social and neighbourly interaction
  • Civic expression

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Plaza stewardship

Most neighbourhood plazas are stewarded in partnership with community partners which include business improvement associations (BIAs), local businesses, non-profit organizations, and residents. These partnerships, in combination with public feedback, aim to ensure the plazas are welcoming, accessible, and inclusive.

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