Neighbourhood plazas

What you need to know

Public plazas have a vital role in public life. They support:

  • Celebrations and community events 
  • Social and neighbourly interaction
  • Civic expression 

These vibrant spaces also support local businesses and encourage sustainable modes of transportation like walking, cycling, and transit. 

We have a number of neighbourhood plazas spread across the city. We take a tactical urbanism approach to creating some new public space.

We transform roads and streets or underused spaces, taking them from pavement, and through incremental design upgrades convert road space into people places.

What's happeningBute-Robson Plaza: permanent plaza design

As part of the Bute Greenway project, we are developing a permanent design for the Bute-Robson Plaza based on public and stakeholder feedback.

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Visit a neighbouhood plaza

Jim Deva Plaza

An inclusive gathering space that honours Mr. Deva's legacy, and the contributions of the LGBTQ2+ community.

Pop-up plazas

Temporary pop-up plazas help with safe physical distancing, community life, and support local businesses.

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