Cyclists riding along Ontario Greenway

Ontario Greenway

The Ontario Greenway is a scenic walking and cycling connection featuring raised crosswalks, traffic circles, speed humps, and landscaped corner bulges to calm traffic.

Schools along the route have participated in the development of the greenway by helping plan demonstration gardens.

The street gardens at Ontario St and 27th Ave East have been planted with native species to compliment the outdoor classroom at General Wolfe Elementary School.

The children’s artwork of butterflies and bugs has been etched into rocks that form part of the design.

Where is the Ontario Greenway?

The Ontario Greenway is along Ontario St, following the popular Ontario Bikeway linking False Creek to 59th Ave, and planned to connect to Fraser River, connecting parks, schools, and community centres along the way.

What's happeningUpgrades expected to begin fall 2025

We are planning to upgrade the Ontario Greenway along Ontario Street between Walter Hardwick Avenue and Second Avenue.

Key changes

  • A 2-way protected bike lane on the east side of Ontario Street
  • A new protected intersection at Ontario Street and First Avenue
  • Ontario Street to become one-way southbound for vehicles
  • On-street parking spaces maintained on the west side of Ontario Street


The Ontario Street upgrades will provide safer and more comfortable travel options for people of all ages and abilities, while maintaining access for nearby businesses and residents. 

These upgrades will also improve the connection between 3 of Vancouver’s most popular walking and cycling routes. This includes the Ontario Greenway, as well as:

Help shape the future of East Park 

Share your feedback on additional changes being explored for Ontario Street, from Walter Hardwick Avenue to Athletes Way, aimed at increasing future park space. 

Get involved on Shape Your City from March 26 to April 16, 2024  

Review the notification letter to learn more about Ontario St upgrades and East Park engagement  (4.3 MB)

Destinations along the Ontario Greenway 

Major parks and golf courses

  • Hillcrest Park
  • Queen Elizabeth Park
  • Langara Golf Course

Community Centres 

  • Mount Pleasant Community Centre
  • Riley Park Community Centre


  • General Wolfe Elementary
  • Van Horne Elementary
  • Sexsmith Elementary
  • Langara Community College

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