Backyard parking near the PNE

Hosting friends and family?

Help your visitors avoid a parking ticket—encourage them to park in your backyard or in unrestricted street parking.

City Parking Enforcement Officers step up their patrols during the PNE Fair to relieve parking pressures in the neighbourhood.

Do you live near Hastings Park? In mid-August, you may sell parking spaces in your backyard to PNE Fair visitors provided you have a valid backyard parking business licence. 

Apply for your backyard parking business licence

Find out how to sell parking legally while respecting your neighbours and keeping the street safe.

 Street parking cannot be sold, including reserved zones for residents or permit-holders.

Sell parking spaces in your backyard

Find out how many spaces you can sell

The width of your property determines how many parking spaces you can sell in your backyard.

Your property width Number of vehicles you can park, including your own vehicles 
Under 10 m (32.8 ft) 2 vehicles 
10 m – 12.2 m (32.8 ft – 40 ft) 3 vehicles 
12.2 m – 14.5 m (40 ft – 47.6 ft)  4 vehicles 
Over 14.5 m (47.6 ft) 5 vehicles 

The maximum number of vehicles allowed in a backyard includes vehicles parked in garages and carports.


Say you live on a 33-foot wide property with a backyard carport and lawn. You normally park your car in the carport and your lawn is wide enough to park two additional vehicles. As a result, during the PNE Fair, you may sell up to two parking spaces for a total of three vehicles in your backyard.

Respect your neighbours and stay within the parking limit. The City issues a minimum $250 fine for exceeding the allowed number of parked cars.

Advertise the parking spaces

Keep streets and sidewalks safe, and help traffic flow during the busy PNE Fair season.

We suggest these two ways to advertising your backyard parking spaces:

  1. Post an ad on a classifieds website (such as Craigslist or Kijiji)
  2. Stand on your property and ask drivers if they need parking

The City of Vancouver does not allow you to:

  • Block traffic
  • Put signs on your property
  • Call out to drivers while on the street or sidewalk
  • Wave signs on the street, sidewalk, or your property

Street parking is yours to use, not sell

While some Hastings Park residents have backyard parking, others do not. Fortunately, there is street parking reserved for residents and permit-holders.

Help your neighbours find street parking close to home. Share the reserved spaces with your neighbours and do not sell street parking to visitors—it is illegal. The City of Vancouver will ticket any vehicle parked in a residential parking zone that is not registered to a resident of that block or permit area.