Parking tips, regulations, and by-laws

As the demand for on-street parking grows, we have introduced regulations under our parking by-laws in more areas of the city.

This helps to maintain the flow of traffic and make sure parking space turnover in busy areas. 

So park smart—know the top parking laws, and avoid getting a ticket or towed.

Types of signs and what they mean (363 KB)

Parking regulations

Parking when there is signage

Find out the rules for parking on streets and lanes when there is signage.

Parking when there is no signage

Find out the rules for parking on unsigned streets and lanes, including corner clearance, driveway and garage clearance, and angle parking.

Abandoned vehicles

Report an abandoned vehicle on public property, and find out what you should do if you get an abandoned vehicle ticket.


Find out about idling regulations in the City of Vancouver, and the exceptions to the regulations.

Large vehicles

Find the rules about parking a large vehicle, including trailers, in Vancouver.

Read the by-law

Street & Traffic Bylaw

Regulates traffic, the use of streets, and the size and weight of vehicles that are permitted to travel on City of Vancouver streets.

Street chattel

Items such as pylons, cones, buckets, and private No Parking signs are not permitted to reserve street parking. We may remove these items from city property without warning.

Report a broken meter

Do not park at a broken parking meter. You will get a ticket.

Report a broken meter online and:

  • Provide the six-digit meter number located on the side of the meter 
  • If you lose money in the broken meter, we will provide a credit of up to a $2 worth of parking