Plazas and public space

Experience public life at public spaces

  • Gather
  • Socialize
  • Relax
  • Participate in cultural and community events
  • Exercise democratic and civic rights

We’re working to create better plazas and gathering spaces throughout the city.

They’re places for people to gather, rest, socialize, and celebrate; creating more places for community and neighbour interactions. We have civic plazas ideal for hosting large events or neighbourhood plazas for more local interactions with friends and family.

As our city continues to grow, public spaces, such as plazas, have an increasingly important role in supporting neighbourhood livability and strengthening residents’ connections to their community.

Gastown public spaces

We are investing in Gastown to repair streets and sidewalks and making Gastown’s public spaces more vibrant, clean, safe, and people-friendly.

800 Robson Plaza and šxʷƛ̓ənəq Xwtl'e7énḵ Square

The plazas surrounding the Vancouver Art Gallery have long been a space for people to socialize, and a place for civic and creative expression.

Helena Gutteridge Plaza

The plaza honours Helena Gutteridge and her achievements as the first woman elected to Vancouver City Council.

Neighbourhood plazas

Neighbourhood plazas help with community life and support local businesses.


Laneways are broadly under-utilized as public space and are being reimagined as "people-places".


Parklets, designed and built by local designers, transform on-street parking into innovative public seating areas.

Plaza stewardship

Public spaces have an important role in neighbourhood livability and community connections.

Drinking in public plazas

We’re creating public plazas for responsible alcohol consumption to help businesses reopen and give residents more public space to reconnect.

Organize a special event

Get details on how to apply to hold your event in a park, on a city street, sidewalk, or public plaza.

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