Point Grey Road Seaside Greenway completion and water/sewer construction

We are making public realm improvements and widening the sidewalk for the final phase of the Seaside Greenway along Point Grey Road to improve the experience for users across the city.

Required water and sewer infrastructure upgrades are being timed along with this work to minimize overall project costs. Once replaced, the pipes are expected to serve the neighbourhood for 100 years.

Construction details


  • Point Grey Road, Macdonald to Alma: sidewalk widening and street repair
  • Balaclava to Waterloo: sewer separation
  • Waterloo to Alma: water main replacement, sewer separation
  • Alma from Point Grey Road to 4th Ave: sewer separation

Expected Duration

  • Start: September 2016
  • End: Summer 2017 - complete

Hours of work

  • Monday to Friday: 7:00am to 5:30pm
  • Weekends as needed

Contact us

Do Nguyen
Community Liaison


Did you know?

Since completing Phase 1 of the Seaside Greenway completion project, the number of people:

  • Walking on Point Grey Road has increased from 600 per day to 900 (weekday)
  • Cycling on the route has increased from 600 per day to 2,700 (weekday)

How this project may affect you

Each block may be impacted by construction for several months. The construction work is being carefully planned to limit the overall impact to residents, businesses, and road users.


During construction, some full road closures for through-traffic will be needed on to allow for major construction. Access to residences will be maintained at all times. 

Property access

Access to residences and businesses will be maintained and majority of sidewalks will remain open for the duration of the construction. Minimal disruptions to the property access may be required during construction however; the City will provide advanced notice of any disruptions to your access.


At times, on-street parking will be restricted within posted areas. We will provide as much parking as possible after working hours and all temporary parking restrictions will be removed as soon as they are no longer necessary. 

Noise and vibration

Due to the presence of hard ground conditions in the area, drilling will be required for the installation of the sewers. Periods of loud noise and vibrations are to be expected.

Water supply

We will provide advance notice of any disruption to your water supply, except if there is an emergency. During construction, you may occasionally notice cloudy water. This cloudiness is not a health concern and will usually go away within a few hours.