The 529 Garage app and decal help defend your bike from theft

Register your bike to reduce theft

What you need to know

Register your bike – it's free!

The City's Greenest City Action Plan team, Park Board, Vancouver Police Department , and Vancouver Police Foundation have teamed up to fight bike theft with help from the 529 Garage bike registry.

How to help defend against the bike theft epidemic

  1. Register your bike with 529 Garage bike registry for free – it takes only five minutes!
  2. Get a 529 Garage decal to discourage thieves
  3. Lock your bike properly

Register your bicycle for free with the 529 Garage app to protect it from bike theft. This registry also helps police return stolen bikes to their owners.

The program first started in Vancouver and now has more than 3.1 million registered bicycles worldwide.

Today, bikes are being returned to owners, even across international borders, and thefts in Vancouver have declined by 70% since 2015.

Register your bike

In the event your registered bike goes missing, you'll have everything you need to activate the police and community to help recover your bike. This will significantly improve the chances of stolen bikes being reunited with their owners.

Download the 529 Garage mobile app

Get tips on registering your bike with Project 529 

Woman gets her stolen bike returned thanks to the 529 Garage app and Vancouver Police

529 Garage works! This person got their stolen bike back because they registered it.

Locking your bike

Bike shields

Project 529 shields act as a license plate or decal for your bike. Each shield has its own code.

If your bike is ever stolen, it will make it easier for both the cycling community and the police identify your stolen bike and return it to you.

Where to get a shield:

Bikes registered within 10 kilometers of Vancouver
Estimated property value recovered for bike owners

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