Benches along Hastings Park

Sidewalk fixtures and amenities

Vancouver sidewalks and streets have many fixtures and amenities that keep our city tidy, accessible, and vibrant.

Street fixtures and amenities are furnishings that just seem to fit in on our City streets and sidewalks. These fixtures provide a function, like seating, waste management, and storage.

Our street fixture help keep Vancouver tidier, and add convenience for everyone.

Repair street furniture and fixtures

Use our app to request repairs to street furniture and fixtures in Vancouver.

Buy a street name sign

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Get a replica or custom street name sign from us!

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Did you know?

We issue contracts to suppliers who provide environmentally-friendly street fixtures, or share the cost of installing and maintaining them.

For example: OUTFRONT Media / JCDecaux supplies and maintains street furniture in Vancouver in exchange for the rights to the transit shelter advertising program.