TransLink SkyTrain

SkyTrain to UBC

Vancouver City Council endorsed a SkyTrain extension from Arbutus St to UBC on January 30, 2019. The Mayors' Council endorsed SkyTrain as the preferred technology for the Broadway Subway extension from Arbutus St to UBC on February 15, 2019.

SkyTrain will accommodate the forecasted ridership and allow for future expansion along this vital transportation corridor. Extending rapid transit adds to regional affordability through reduced transportation costs and better access to more affordable housing choices.

Read the Council report  (104 KB) that endorses SkyTrain to UBC.

Working with our partners

We are working with partners to advance the preliminary design of the SkyTrain extension with the goal of securing funding approval. Funding for this work has been allocated in TransLink’s Phase 2 Investment Plan that was approved in June 2018.

Planning, design, and implementation of the SkyTrain extension from Arbutus St to UBC will be shaped through a multi-phased engagement process with opportunities for public input at each step along the way.

Learn more about Broadway Subway extension to UBC from our partners TransLink and The University of British Columbia :