Streetscape design guidelines

Streetscape design examples

By City of Vancouver


  • Granville Mall sidewalk

    By City of Vancouver

  • Olympic Village shared pathway

    By City of Vancouver

  • Olympic Village sidewalk

    By City of Vancouver

  • Triangle West sidewalk

    By City of Vancouver

  • Triangle West medallion

    By City of Vancouver

  • Cambie Village sidewalk and place setting

    By City of Vancouver

  • Downtown South sidewalk

    By City of Vancouver

The streetscape design guidelines (SDG) describe design objectives for sidewalks, furniture, trees, and landscaping along all public streets in Vancouver. 

The SDG contains an inventory and description of all approved streetscape design treatments.

The SDG is updated when we add and change special treatment areas.

How to use the guidelines

Use the SDG map and list of special treatment areas below as a reference to design, build, and maintain high-quality streetscapes that:

  • Meet Council-approved public realm plans
  • Provide public amenities following our standards
  • Help create vibrant neighbourhoods

Use the SDG alongside our construction and design manuals.

Contact us at to confirm the information in the SDG before you apply to build streetscapes.

Get approval for your streetscape designs from Engineering Services before starting to build, and have your work inspected during construction. We may ask you to meet additional or different requirements before approving your designs.

Contact us about the SDG