Tickets and towing

Parking ticket on car windshield

Our parking enforcement officers patrol seven days a week on foot, by bicycle, and in vehicles.

Your vehicle can be towed if:

  •  You have broken a parking bylaw
  • Your vehicle has been abandoned, and is a safety hazard, or inconvenience to other motorists or pedestrians

The City of Vancouver has a contract with Busters to tow and impound vehicles from city streets and parks, under the Impounding Bylaw. 

Scam alert: Parking ticket payment text messages

March 19, 2024: We have been notified of a scam targeting people through text messages requesting they pay an overdue parking ticket.

  • These text messages are not from us.
  • Do not click the link or provide payment details.
  • Report these messages to your cellphone provider and then delete them.
  • We do not notify the public of fines through texting, media, or social media.

City-approved notification methods for parking tickets:

  • Ticket served to vehicle 
  • Ticket mailed to registered owner of vehicle

Impounded vehicles and towing fees

Was your car towed? Find out where you can claim towed vehicles, and how much it will cost.

Paying your parking ticket

Pay parking tickets online, by phone, or in person. Pay within 14 days of the issue date and get 40% off the full amount.

Know the parking rules

Parking tips, regulations, and by-laws

Avoid getting a ticket by knowing the top parking laws. Park smart by following this guide to parking bylaws in Vancouver.

Parking ticket problems

Ticket questions, errors, and disputes

Learn what to do if you have a question about your parking ticket or think you received a ticket in error. Learn what to do if a ticket cannot be cancelled.

Parking tickets by mail

You may get a notice in the mail about a parking ticket that you did not receive on your vehicle. You must pay the parking ticket.