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Metro Vancouver Transportation and Transit Referendum

On Thursday, July 2nd, Elections BC released the results of the Transportation and Transit Plebiscite. More than 759,696 votes were cast across Metro Vancouver.

  • 61.68% voted against the proposed funding source
  • 38.32 % voted in favour

For the City of Vancouver, the results were split, with just over 50% voting against the proposed funding source. 

We respect the will of voters and remain committed to improving our transportation and transit system.

We will examine funding options to move forward Vancouver's plans for public transit, such as the Broadway Subway, which is essential  to:

  • Move our local, regional, and provincial economy forward
  • Cut congestion and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Meet our Greenest City 2020 and Transportation 2040 goals

The Mayors' Council will continue to work with the Provincial and Federal Governments to find stable funding for the region's transportation plan to meet the needs of a growing population.

Results are available on the Elections BC website.

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