Trucks, commercial, and oversize vehicles

When trucks and commercial vehicles can move efficiently, it positively impacts the economic health of the city. We balance the needs of trucks and commercial vehicles while maintaining:

  • The flow of traffic through Vancouver
  • The safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers
  • The livability of the residents of Vancouver

We work with the Vancouver Police Department, ICBC, Port Metro Vancouver, and major employers to do this. Enforcement of our regulations is initiated through public complaints, staff concerns, and safety inspections.

Get around the city

Truck route maps and regulations

Get criteria for using truck routes, know the trucking regulations, and plan your trip using our printable route map.

Commercial loading zones and lanes

Know the regulations for commercial loading zones and lanes, including the rules both commercial and non-commercial vehicles must follow.

Oversize truck permits

Find out how to get a trucking permit to drive an oversize vehicle in Vancouver, including required documentation, and prices.