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Project overview

The City is working with the provincial government as it delivers the Broadway Subway Project , a key investment in the region’s prosperity. The new line will be a tunneled extension of the Millennium Line SkyTrain through the Central Broadway area, BC’s second-largest employment district. 

The Broadway Corridor is one of North America’s busiest transit thoroughfares. Today, the corridor is served by the 99 B-Line, an express bus service that is already at maximum capacity for much of the day. By extending the SkyTrain network from VCC–Clark Station to Arbutus St, the Broadway Subway will add much-needed people-carrying capacity to this critical corridor.


The Broadway Subway (marked in orange) will have 6 stations.


  • Six new underground stations
  • Trains will run every 3 to 4 minutes during peak periods
  • The new line will serve three times the number of people who currently take the 99 B-Line 
  • Travel times will be cut by 50% compared to the 99 B-Line
  • More efficient and dependable travel times for riders


Led by the Province, construction of the Broadway Subway started in 2021 and is anticipated to open in 2027. Upon completion, it will be operated and maintained by TransLink as part of the regional transit network.


The Broadway Subway is a key part of the TransLink Mayors’ Council’s 10-Year Vision , a region-wide, integrated transportation plan approved in 2014. The Project is a $2.83 billion investment in the region’s transportation network, with funding contributions:

  • Government of Canada:  $888.4 million
  • Government of British Columbia:  $1.82 billion
  • City of Vancouver:  $99.8 million (in-kind land contribution)

Extending the Line to UBC

In 2014, when the region’s mayors created their 10-year Vision for the region’s transportation network, they supported a two-phased approach to building rapid transit to UBC based on available funding. Today, funding is in place to extend SkyTrain from VCC–Clark to Arbutus St and is being designed to allow for future rapid-transit expansion to UBC.

The western terminus station of the Broadway Subway will be at Arbutus St and will include a bus loop. The 99 B-Line bus service will continue to run between Arbutus St and UBC.

TransLink is currently assessing SkyTrain alignment and station-location options between Arbutus and UBC with many partner agencies, including the City of Vancouver. 

Why do we need rapid transit?

Support a growing regional corridor

Meet the needs of today and tomorrow

Support economic growth and environmental targets

Why build the Broadway Subway?

It's the best option

By City of Vancouver

For over 15 years, we've worked with TransLink to study the best possible transportation option for the Broadway Corridor. Here’s what we’ve learned so far.

  • More volume

    By City of Vancouver

    A tunnelled SkyTrain extension allows for the highest number of travellers and ensures that the new system retains the capacity required for the region’s growing needs.

  • Less transfers

    By City of Vancouver

    A tunnelled SkyTrain extension reduces the need for transfers at Commercial-Broadway Station – the region’s biggest transit bottleneck.

  • Lower operating costs

    By City of Vancouver

    SkyTrain technology has the lowest operating costs per kilometre and per passenger than other technologies like light rail transit or bus rapid transit.

  • More flexible

    By City of Vancouver

    Because SkyTrain technology is driverless, TransLink can easily add or remove cars to accommodate demand.

  • More efficient goods movement

    By City of Vancouver

    Underground transit will free up road space for more efficient goods movement and vehicle transportation.

  • Faster commutes

    By City of Vancouver

    The SkyTrain extension would cut travel time from Commercial-Broadway to Arbutus in half. People commuting from Coquitlam Centre Station would reach Central Broadway in about 40 minutes – as fast as by car.

  • Meets the regional vision

    By City of Vancouver

    The Mayor’s Council vision for transportation in the region outlines the need for the Broadway Subway to help meet our collective transportation needs.

The City’s role in the Broadway Subway Project

The City plays an important role in the Project through its responsibility for streets, water pipes, sewers, development, land use, and transportation planning in the corridor. We also represent the businesses and residents along the Broadway Subway and offer advice to the Province on the design of the stations and construction planning.

The Broadway Subway Project will have impacts on the surrounding neighbourhoods during construction. The Province, City, and TransLink are committed to working together to minimize these impacts.

Help for residents, visitors, and businesses

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Broadway Plan

Opportunities for new housing, jobs, and amenities around the new Broadway Subway in Mount Pleasant, Fairview, and Kitsilano over 30 years.

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