Parent walking with 2 toddlers in the Creekside area

Walking in Vancouver

Creating a safe, accessible, and enjoyable walking environment is Vancouver’s top priority.

We support walking by making it safer, more comfortable, and more accessible for people of all ages and abilities.

Benefits of walking

Improve your health

By walking 30 minutes per day, you can reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, and depression.

Support the economy

Not only is walking inexpensive, but it is good for business. Vancouver’s most successful commercial streets have the highest numbers of people walking on them.

Connect with others

Walking can be a fun way to experience Vancouver. It helps you get to know your neighbourhood, and increases the chances of meeting your neighbours.

Help the environment

Walking produces no greenhouse gases, and space for walking such as trails and sidewalks are an efficient use of limited land.

Whether you are going to work, taking your kids to school, or picking something up at the grocery store, choose walking.

Find your way easily with our wayfinding map stands

Man and woman finding their way around Downtown Vancouver using a map stand

Every trip starts and ends on foot, and the best way to experience any city is by walking.

To make it easy and enjoyable for you to find and walk to nearby attractions, drinking fountains, public toilets, transit connections, and more, we've installed over 200 richly-detailed wayfinding map stands around Vancouver.

Our wayfinding program is one way we're carrying out the Transportation 2040 Plan.

View our wayfinding map stands open dataset

Walking and accessibility

Curb ramps and audible signal devices installed at crosswalks help make our streets accessible.

Visibility and safety tips

Know how to stay seen and safe during dark times of day and wet weather.

VIVA Vancouver

VIVA Vancouver is the City of Vancouver’s public space innovation platform.

Walking around Vancouver

View Vancouver's current Walk Score rating

Vancouver scores consistently high on the walkability index. Find the city's current ratings at the Walk Score website.

Vancouver's Walk Score