Terminal Avenue and Main Street Sewer Construction Project

The City crews have begun the construction work to replace the aging sewer system along Western Street, Northern Street, Terminal Avenue, Main Street and East 1st Avenue.

Project details

Project work update:

City crews are currently working at East 1st Avenue from Quebec St to Ontario St for street restoration. Eastbound is open to all vehicle traffic. Cyclist and pedestrian access will be retained throughout construction. Streets median restoration is also underway at Terminal Avenue and Western Street.

Location and expected duration

  • 1400-1500 blk Western Street (from Terminal Avenue to Northern Street)
    • Start: Week of May 07, 2014
      Duration: Approximately 8 weeks
  • Northern Street Right-of-Way (from Western Street to Main Street)
    • Start: June 2014
      Duration: Approximately 2 weeks
  • 1400-1600 blk Main Street (from Northern Street Right-of-Way to East 1st Avenue)
    • Start: July 2014
      Duration: Approximately 8 weeks
  • 0-200 East 1st Avenue (from Main Street to Ontario Street)
    • Start: August 2014
      Duration: Approximately 10 weeks


  • Completed 

Hours of work

  • Monday to Friday, 7:00am to 3:30pm (may include weekend work)

Impacts to traffic, parking and businesses

In preparation for the sewer work, the crews will cap and cut the water main at the intersections of Terminal Avenue at Western Street and Main Street at the Northern Street right-of-way. Traffic adjacent to the project areas will be closed off or reduced throughout construction.

The City will attempt to operate regular hours (Monday-Friday, 7am to 3:30pm. However, the work schedule may be influenced by the tides due to the nature of underground construction work and its vicinity to False Creek. To facilitate the completion of work, the crews may work outside of the normal working hours for the duration of the project in order to ensure work is completed as quickly as possible.

Local parking may be affected by the presence of work trailers and construction equipment. If you expect deliveries or need access to your parking, please contact us and we will accommodate you to the best of our abilities.

How this project will improve the city

This project will increase the capacity of sewer lines along Main Street between Terminal Terminal Avenue and 1st Avenue, and along 1st Avenue from Main Street to Ontario Street.


City Contact

Project Manager
Keith Der
Sewers Design Branch

Phone: 604-871-6430