Capital plan proposed investments

The capital plan for 2015-2018 ($1.085 billion) has been organized into nine program spending areas. Browse through each category to find out more about how the funding is distributed.


  1. Affordable housing: $125 million
  2. Childcare: $30 million
  3. Parks, open spaces, and recreation: $155 million
  4. Community facilities: $55 million
  5. Civic facilities: $35 million
  6. Transportation: $150 million
  7. Utilities: $325 million
  8. Equipment and technology: $115 million
  9. Emerging priorities: $95 million

1. Affordable housing (Proposed investment: $125 million)

Guiding principles

  • Maintain existing stock of affordable housing in acceptable condition
  • Increase the supply of affordable housing

Guiding initiatives

  • Housing and Homelessness Strategy (approved 2011)

Current status of capital assets

Area What we have What we renewed
between 2005-2014
What we added
between 2005-2014
% in poor condition

Non-market rental housing

  • 22 City-owned buildings with 1,361 units
  • 191 non-City-owned building on City-owned land with 9,397 units
  • 283 non-City-owned buildings on non-City owned land with 14,581 units

1 building (Old Continental Hotel on Granville Street replaced by Kingsway Continental)

4,200 additional units completed by City and partners

30% of City-owned buildings


What we propose investing for 2015-2018

Area City of today (renewal): $40 million City of tomorrow (new): $85 million

Non-market rental housing

Renew three City-owned buildings in the Downtown Eastside (251 units):

    • Roddan Lodge
    • Central Residence
    • Alexander Residence

Ongoing capital maintenance and renovations of various City-owned non-market and market housing projects.

Provide capital grants to upgrade Single Room Occupancy (SRO) hotels owned by non-profit agencies (target: 400 rooms)

Add 2,550 units:

    • 30% of City-owned projects (includes in-kind Community Amenity Contributions projects proposed in various community plans)
    • 45% of non-City owned projects on City land
    • 25% of partner projects

Total investment: $560 million ($85 million from the City)

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