Vancouver 2024 Budget.

2024 Budget

Planning for the 2024 budget is underway. Each year, we must deliver a balanced budget while maintaining services and capital projects.

Council will vote on the final 2024 Budget in December 2023. 

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2024-2028 Budget Outlook Council report (482 KB)

Overview of the key factors impacting our financial outlook, including the steps being taken to balance the budget while improving the delivery of services and capital projects. 

Supporting information

Financial reports and information

Capital budget and operating budget tables, public engagement reports, and supporting information.

Open data

Detailed datasets for the 2023-2026 Capital Plan and 2023 Capital Budget.

City services (22.50 MB)

Learn more about services we deliver.

2024 budget process timeline

  • June 2023

    Develop Budget Outlook

  • Late June 2023

    Council review of Budget Outlook

  • Aug-Sept 2023

    Budget engagement

  • We are here
  • Aug-Oct 2023

    Develop department service plans

  • Sept-Nov 2023

    Develop Draft 2024 Budget and incorporate feedback from the Mayor’s Task Force

  • November 2023

    Mayor’s Budget Task Force report presented to Council

  • December 2023

    Council receives Draft 2024 Budget for information

  • December 2023

    Council votes on 2024 Council Budget vote