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Budget and you: Benefits

This page is about the 2019 Budget.

Looking for the draft 2020 Budget? Review the draft 2020 Budget

How the City serves you

There are many ways that our annual budget benefits you - in your home, on your street, in your community, and throughout your city.

Do you know #whatittakes to run the City?

By City of Vancouver


  • How many kilometres of water and sewer pipes are under our city?

    By City of Vancouver

    A. 1,600 kilometres   l   B. 2,600 kilometres    l   C. 3,600 kilometres

  • Answer: 3,600 kilometres

    By City of Vancouver

    The water and sewer system is a complex network of pipes that deteriorate over time from stress, soil conditions and/or age. Annual water and sewer maintenance helps ensure a healthy and functioning city. We are also continuing to replace combined sewer systems with separated systems as part of our 2050 sewer separation target. Find out about our 2050 sewer separation plan

  • How many litres of drinking water do we deliver to the public?

    By City of Vancouver

    A. 100.1 billion litres   l   B. 112.6 billion litres   l   C. 115.5 billion litres

  • Answer: 112.6 billion litres

    By City of Vancouver

    Vancouver's water system delivers fresh, potable water into homes and businesses. Sanitary sewer pipes then carry away waste water and take it for treatment. Some of Vancouver’s oldest water and sewer pipes are over 100 years old and due for replacement before service is interrupted.  Learn more about our mission to provide you with a sustainable supply of high-quality water

  • How many kilometres of sidewalk are there in Vancouver?

    By City of Vancouver

    A. 2,100 kilometres   l  B. 2,200 kilometres   l   C. 2,300 kilometres

  • Answer: 2,200 kilometres

    By City of Vancouver

    In addition to designing, constructing, and maintaining sidewalks, we also oversees thousands of kilometres of streets and bridges for people walking, cycling, and driving. By creating complete streets which allow people to choose different ways to travel, we help to create a vibrant community experience.  Learn more about streets and sidewalks in Vancouver

  • How many social/supportive housing units do we plan to approve by 2028?

    By City of Vancouver

    A. 11,000 new homes  l  B. 12,000 new homes  l  C. 13,000 new homes  

  • Answer: 12,000 new homes

    By City of Vancouver

    Finding affordable housing options in Vancouver can be a challenge for residents of all income brackets. For lower-income tenants, it's particularly difficult. That is why we are working to protect the our existing supply of affordable rental housing, while adding additional social and supportive housing. Check out the Housing Vancouver Strategy for more details.

  • How many libraries are there in Vancouver?

    By City of Vancouver

    A. 21  l   B. 22  l  C. 23

  • Answer: 21 libraries

    By City of Vancouver

    Vancouver Public Library has been dedicated to meeting the lifelong learning, reading and information needs of Vancouver residents for more than 100 years. More than half of the city’s libraries were built in the 1960s, ‘70s, and ‘80s. While eight of the facilities have been renewed in the last 20 years, many more of these important community facilities still need to be upgraded. Find out more

  • How many social, cultural, and recreational facilities do we operate?

    By City of Vancouver

    A. 120 facilities  l  B. 135 facilities  l  C. 150 facilities

  • Answer: 150 facilities

    By City of Vancouver

    We support a large public recreation system of community centres, pools, ice rinks, fitness centres, golf courses, theatres, and museums for year-round activities and entertainment. We also support more than 40 social facilities including neighbourhood houses and family places. These facilities age over time and are getting more use from a growing population -- they need regular maintenance and upgrades to ensure these public spaces are comfortable and safe.

Money out: Running the city

The capital and operating budgets and how we spend City funds.

Money in: Funding the budget

How we fund the budget. Approximately three quarters of the money we use to run the city comes from property taxes and utility fees.