2014 Park Board commissioner candidates

The seven Park Board commissioners are responsible for managing facilities such as parks, pools, golf courses, and beaches. Vancouver is the only municipality in Canada with an elected park board.

Candidates are listed alphabetically.

  • BLOOM, Ezra (COPE)
  • BUCKSHON, James
  • CLARKE, Roland
  • COUPAR, John (NPA)
  • CRAWFORD, Casey (NPA)
  • DE CASTRIS, Jenny
  • EVANS, Catherine (Vision Vancouver)
  • GIRN, Naveen (Vision Vancouver)
  • GRANBY, Brent (Vision Vancouver)
  • HADLEY, Eleanor
  • HAMILTON, Jamie Lee (IDEA)
  • HAYDEN, Brent (Vancouver 1st)
  • JAGPAL, Jay (NPA)
  • JAMAL, Urooba (COPE)
  • JOHL, Yogi (Vancouver 1st)
  • KADIOGLU, Matt
  • KIRBY-YUNG, Sarah (NPA)
  • LOKE, Trevor (Vision Vancouver)
  • MACKINNON, Stuart (Green)
  • MOUTTET, Stéphane (NPA)
  • POPAT, Imtiaz (COPE)
  • ROMANIUK, Anita (COPE)
  • ROSSETTI, Massimo (Vancouver 1st)
  • RUMBAUA, Sammie Jo (Vision Vancouver)
  • SHUM, Erin (NPA)
  • STARINK, Doug (Vancouver 1st)
  • SUNSHINE, Earl
  • TULL, Coree (Vision Vancouver)
  • WIEBE, Michael (Green)
  • WONG, Richard (Vancouver 1st)
  • WYSS, Cease (COPE)