2014 school trustee candidates

The nine elected school trustees are independent of City Council. Trustees provide education services to students in elementary and secondary schools, as well as adult learning centres.

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Candidates are listed alphabetically.

  • ALEXANDER, Joy (Vision Vancouver)
  • BACCHUS, Patti (Vision Vancouver)
  • BALLANTYNE, Fraser (NPA)
  • BHATHA, Susan (Vancouver 1st)
  • BOUEY, Jane (Public Education Project)
  • CLEMENT, Ken (Vision Vancouver)
  • DAY, Diana (COPE)
  • DENIKE, Ken (Vancouver 1st)
  • DODDS, T "Mrs. Doubtfire"
  • FALLS, Larry
  • FRAATZ, Ralph (COPE)
  • FRASER, Janet (Green)
  • GIESBRECHT, Gwen (Public Education Project)
  • GUPTA, Raj
  • JIVRAJ, Amin
  • KOMBII, Nanjalah (COPE)
  • LOMBARDI, Mike (Vision Vancouver)
  • NGUYEN, Bang
  • NOBLE, Penny (NPA)
  • OAK, Mischa (Green)
  • PAYNE, Cherie (Vision Vancouver)
  • RICHARDSON, Christopher (NPA)
  • ROBERTSON, Stacy (NPA)
  • SHARMA, Sandy (NPA)
  • SHECTER, Ilana (COPE)
  • WONG, Allan (Vision Vancouver)
  • WOO, Sophia (Vancouver 1st)
  • WYNEN, Rob (Vision Vancouver)