Vibrant Vancouver

Vibrant Vancouver: City Council’s strategic priorities

City Council is working together to build a sustainable city where everyone can live, work, and thrive.

Vibrant Vancouver: City Council’s Strategic Priorities 2023-2026 (490 KB) outlines 9 strategic objectives and key aligned work for each. This provides a guiding framework for Council and staff to make decisions.

Council's 9 strategic objectives

  1. Vibrant and diverse - We do all we can to ensure Vancouver is a dynamic and vibrant city, with a great range of exciting and engaging amenities and events throughout the city.
  2. Housing - We work with senior governments and other partners to address the local housing crisis, with the goal of ensuring that appropriate housing options are available for everyone in Vancouver.
  3. Supporting business - We ensure the City is doing our part to ensure our local economy is robust and resilient, and Vancouver is a place in which businesses can thrive and succeed.
  4. City services and infrastructure - We deliver the high-quality city services and public infrastructure that make Vancouver a healthy, safe, beautiful and enjoyable place for everyone
  5. Safety and security - We work to provide effective emergency response and emergency planning services that make Vancouver safe and enjoyable for everyone.
  6. Climate emergency - We are responding to the climate emergency through environmental initiatives, greenhouse gas emission reductions, and climate change adaptation measures.
  7. Healthy, inclusive, and equitable - We put Vancouverites’ physical and mental health front and centre as we make service, infrastructure and policy decisions, and strive to alleviate barriers to residents’ well-being and sense of belonging.
  8. Reconciliation - We maintain mutually respectful relationships with and work to support and advance the rights of local Indigenous Nations and urban Indigenous Peoples.
  9. Good government – We responsibly steward the public funds with which we are entrusted, ensure we have an efficient administrative infrastructure, and maintain a high-performing, engaged workforce.