Capital plan proposed investments

The capital plan for 2015-2018 ($1.085 billion) has been organized into nine program spending areas. Browse through each category to find out more about how the funding is distributed.


  1. Affordable housing: $125 million
  2. Childcare: $30 million
  3. Parks, open spaces, and recreation: $155 million
  4. Community facilities: $55 million
  5. Civic facilities: $35 million
  6. Transportation: $150 million
  7. Utilities: $325 million
  8. Equipment and technology: $115 million
  9. Emerging priorities: $95 million

5. Civic facilities (Proposed investment: $35 million)

Guiding principles

  • Maintain and renew civic facilities to meet today’s needs
  • Accommodate civic and community needs as Vancouver grows

Guiding initiatives

  • Capital Strategic Outlook for 2011-2021

Current status of capital assets

Area What we have What we renewed
between 2005-2014
What we added
between 2005-2014
% in poor condition
Public safety facilities
  • 14 police buildings
  • 19 fire halls
  • 1 animal control shelter
  • Police building on Graveley Street
  • Police property and evidence storage facility
  • Police dog squad
  • Fire Hall #15 at 22nd Avenue and Nootka Street
  • Fire Hall #5 at 54th Avenue and Kerr Street (underway) 
  • Police training centre
  • Heavy Urban Search and Rescue facility
City hall buildings
  • 9 administration buildings
  • 18 service yards
  • City Hall campus offices
  • National Yard (replacing Cambie Yard)


What we propose investing for 2015-2018

Area City of today (renewal): $35 million City of tomorrow (new): $0
Public safety facilities

$15 million for the renewal of Fire Hall #17 at 54th Avenue and Knight Street

Ongoing facility maintenance and renovations: $7 million


City hall buildings

Ongoing facility maintenance and renovations: $6 million


Facility planning, maintenance, and renovations at all City-owned facilities Program to address issues citywide (e.g. accessibility improvements and hazardous material abatement): $7.5 million

Not applicable

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