Donating records to the Archives

What you need to know

The City of Vancouver Archives has been acquiring and preserving historical records since 1933. We collect both civic government records and records from businesses, individuals, and organizations in the private sector.

Donating private records:

  • Makes a lasting contribution to the historical narrative of our city
  • Preserves the records in a controlled environment

Private sector records may be as extensive as the business records of a corporation or as small as a single photograph found under the floorboards.

We welcome the donation of records — such as minutes, correspondence, and reports — from organizations and societies that are part of the cultural or political life of Vancouver.

We also preserve personal papers, diaries, photographs, oral histories, films, and similar unpublished records.

Read our acquisition policy (279 KB)

Make a donation

Complete our form and bring it with you when you make your donation to the City of Vancouver Archives.

Download donation form (142 KB)