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Geospatial Strategic Roadmap

The goal of the Geospatial Strategic Roadmap is to improve the quality, accuracy, and management of our geospatial data – information about properties, zoning, utilities, traffic, transportation, parks, and more while making data easier and faster to access, analyze, and create maps with, including on mobile devices. GIS renewal supports our 2019-2022 Capital Plan by enhancing our geospatial data and analysis capabilities.

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We've updated the VanMap platform and now Legacy VanMap is being replaced with new VanMap apps that are mobile-friendly and provide a better user experience. 

We want your input during the project so we can ensure that the new apps meet your needs.

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Try the new VanMap apps

Property viewer

View property information, such as zoning, legal description, assessed value, and build year.

Infrastructure viewer

View our sewer, water, street lighting, and district energy infrastructure.

Explore data

Search, filter, and create webmaps and integrate spatial data.

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