How City assets are named

The public is encouraged to participate in the naming of City-owned assets.

City-owned assets include

  • Public streets and lanes
  • Sidewalksand other pedestrian and cycling infrastructure
  • Bridges and viaducts
  • City-owned properties, facilities (both interior and exterior) and the associated exterior spaces, such as plazas and gardens

Libraries, parks, and private streets are named through a different process.  

1. Public suggests names 

Members of the public can propose a name for a specific civic asset or a future civic asset:

  • At any time
  • At the invitation of the City

Suggest a name

2. City Archivist reviews proposed names

The City Archivist reviews each proposed name to ensure that it meets the City of Vancouver's naming criteria.

Read the criteria

3. Naming Advisory Committee adds names to the Names Reserve List 

The Naming Advisory Committee approves or rejects the addition of the proposed name to the Names Reserve List.

View the Names Reserve List

4. City Council approves the recommended name

City staff advises the Naming Advisory Committee that a city-owned asset requires a name.

Selecting from the the Names Reserve List, the Naming Advisory Committee recommends a name for the City-owned asset for the consideration of Council.

City Council resolves to name the city-owned asset and the name is assigned. In unique circumstances, City Council may assign a name to a civic asset that isn't on the Names Reserve List.

Naming City-owned assets

How City assets are named

How you can get involved with naming facilities, streets, and more in Vancouver.

Criteria for names on the Name Reserve List

Find out what kinds of names will be considered for naming City-owned assets.

View names on the Reserve List

See the list of names that have been suggested and approved.

Suggest a name

Propose a name that honours people, places, events, and things related to the city of Vancouver.