How we build the budget

The annual budget is not just about revenues and expenditures. It reflects what Council, businesses, residents, and the community value.

Steps we follow to develop the budget

Date Step we take to develop the budget
April - June Establish Five-Year Financial Outlook 
(based on guiding principles for financial sustainability and targets for financial health)
May - July Develop Budget Outlook
(provides the context, factors, and City priorities that have influenced the development of the 2019 Budget and Five‑Year Financial Plan)
July 24 Budget Outlook presented to Council 
August - October

Develop service plans
(highlight major accomplishments in 2018, outline upcoming priority plans for 2019, and provide a look ahead to the 2020‑2023 period; and infographics are used to highlight key service metrics for each department)

October - November Public engagement
(multiple opportunities for public to engage in budget conversations, including online survey Talk Vancouver, telephone survey, community outreach, workshop, and webinar)
September - November Develop proposed budget
December 11

Council meeting – Draft 2019 Budget and Five-Year Financial Plan
(presentation and speakers)

December 18 Council meeting and vote – 2019 Budget and Five-Year Financial Plan