Licence By-law 4450

Regulates the licensing of business, trade, professions, and other occupations with the City of Vancouver.

All businesses in Vancouver need to be licensed

All persons and companies doing business in the City of Vancouver need to be licensed, including:

  • Each location operated by a business in the city
  • Persons and companies based out-of-town and doing business in the city
  • Home-based businesses (for example, professionals working from a home office)
  • Employees do not need a business licence

The by-law regulates how businesses operate

The by-law regulates the way certain businesses must operate.

These regulations:

  • Protect public health and safety
  • Protect vulnerable populations (for example, youth)
  • Minimize noise or other impacts of businesses on the surrounding neighbourhood

The by-law sets business licence fees

The by-law lists the:

  • Annual fees payable for each type of business
  • Fees for new business licence applications, transfers of licence, and other administrative changes