Park Board bylaws

Read the bylaws set by the Vancouver Park Board.


Parks Bylaws (consolidated)

Controls, regulates, protects, and governs public parks and places within the Vancouver Park Board jurisdiction.

Park Board Procedure Bylaw

Applies to all meetings of the Park Board and its committees.

Park Board FOI and Protection of Privacy Bylaw (792.45 KB)

Describes the services and fees for applicants wanting to obtain copies of records.

Parks Control Bylaw regarding temporary shelters

Bylaw amends the Parks Control By-law regarding temporary shelters in parks.

Park Board Smoking Regulation Bylaw

Regulates smoking in Vancouver parks for the care, promotion, and protection of the health of people in parks.

Park Board Ticketing Bylaw (69.35 KB)

Describes the regulation of Park Board offences that are subject to tickets, including the fines for those offences.