Planning, zoning, and development

Planning, zoning, and development civic agencies

Board of Variance

Hears appeals to decisions made under the the Zoning & Development and Protection of Trees bylaws.

Building Board of Appeal

Hears appeals of any decision of the City Building Inspector in respect of interpretation of the Vancouver Building Bylaw.

Chinatown Historic Area Planning Committee

Works to preserve and protect the heritage and character of the Chinatown area of Vancouver.

Civic Asset Naming Committee

Advises Council on matters pertaining to the naming of City-owned assets, with the exception of assets operated by City of Vancouver Parks and Recreation and the Vancouver Public Library.

Development Permit Board Advisory Panel

Supports the work of the Development Permit Board by advising the Board about the applications the Board is reviewing.

False Creek South Planning Advisory Group

Once convened, will facilitate communication and provide input on the False Creek South neighbourhood planning program.

First Shaughnessy Advisory Design Panel

Offers feedback to City Council and staff on development and design issues in First Shaughnessy, focusing on preserving the area’s special character.

Gastown Historic Area Planning Committee

Works to preserve and protect the heritage and character of the Gastown area (zone HA-2).

Grandview-Woodland Neighbourhood Transportation Advisory Group

The group works as a forum for staff to provide updates to key stakeholders on transportation items emerging from the Grandview-Woodland Community plan.

Northeast False Creek Joint Working Group

The Northeast False Creek (NEFC) Joint Working Group has ended. It brought together property owners, developers, resident groups, community stakeholders, and staff to review preliminary options for future development in the area.

Northeast False Creek Park Design Advisory Group (PDAG)

Provides input on the evolving design and programming of the new park and open space system in Northeast False Creek.

Northeast False Creek Stewardship Group

Helps create the detailed Area Plan for Northeast False Creek.

Park Naming Committee

Reviews park names proposed by the public and advises the Park Board on matters about park naming

Street Naming Committee

Recommends approval of names from the Civic Asset Name Reserve List for new streets and roads.

Transportation Advisory Committee

Advises City Council on strategic priorities related to walking, cycling, and all non-motorized modes of transportation in Vancouver.

Urban Design Panel

Advises City Council and staff on development proposals and policies, and reviews all civic building projects.

Vancouver City Planning Commission

Advises City Council on planning and development issues in Vancouver.

Vancouver Heritage Commission

Advises City Council about heritage matters, and makes recommendations to Council about heritage buildings, structures, and lands in Vancouver.

Vancouver Heritage Foundation Board of Directors

Helps run the Vancouver Heritage Foundation and helps it achieve its mission of preserving and restoring significant buildings, structures and lands in the city.

YVR Noise Management Committee

Provides feedback and guidance to the Vancouver International Airport Authority about noise management issues at the airport.