Protection of Trees By-law 9958

This by-law affects all private property owners wanting to remove a tree. The relaxation to allow tree removal without a permit for trees between 20cm-30cm diameter is part of a one-year pilot and will be reassessed by June 2022.

We are making changes to speed up permitting and reduce wait times.

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When you need a permit

You need a tree removal permit for every tree that has a diameter (width) of 30 centimetres or greater, measured at 1.4 metres above the ground.  A tree trunk with a diameter of 30 centimetres will have a circumference of approximately 94 centimetres.

You don't need a permit to remove a tree that is smaller than 30 centimetres in diameter unless the tree was previously identified as a replacement tree, or is as part of a landscape design for a new development project.

Tree diagram showing trunk 1.4 metres off the ground, the 30 cm diameter of a trunk, and how to measure circumference and diameter of a trunk.

Get a tree removal permit

The tree permit must be posted in a visible location during tree removal.