Respect in the Workplace poster with illustrations of different types of workers

Respect in the workplace

This page is for City staff.

If you are a member of the public, who has experienced harassment from our staff, you can make a complaint under our Code of Conduct (248 KB) policy.

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We are committed to a safe, inclusive, and respectful work environment.

We all have a shared responsibility to keep our workplace free from harassment and disrespectful behaviours. 

Our Respect in the Workplace Policy  (242 KB) supports a workplace where everyone is treated with dignity, respect, and care. When issues arise, the policy and procedure (212 KB) outline steps to help resolve incidents and repair relationships.


The following sections provide an overview of what you can do if you have a concern and what happens next. 

Summary of restoration, investigations, and informal remedies

These are different ways respect in the workplace concerns can be addressed when they are raised to the City. Typically, incidents that do not rise to the level of harassment are addressed using restoration processes or other informal remedies. 

Additional information and support