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The Vancouver Sport Network is the official advisory body representing sports in Vancouver. It is responsible for implementing the Vancouver Sport Strategy and advising on sport-related policy, programming, facility, and event priorities.

Through strong partnerships, the Vancouver Sport Network acts as the voice of sport in the city, and works to support a better sport experience. 

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Are you a coach, athlete, parent or administrator who has a passion for sport? We're looking to fill several vacancies on our team.

You should have experience or knowledge relevant to our work such as:

  • coaching and physical literacy
  • administration, policy, advocacy, and networking
  • sport hosting or high performance sport activity for life

Stay connected and have input into the sport and physical activity community.

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Terms of reference

The Vancouver Sports Network provides:

  • A channel for sport stakeholders to communicate with each other about sport development programs and services
  • Advice to City Council and the Park Board on sport interests in Vancouver
  • Advocacy on behalf of local sports to all levels of government to support sport development in Vancouver
  • Information to the sport community and potential participants


Our vision for Vancouver is, by 2015 we will:

  • Have a dynamic and forward-looking sport system that enables all Vancouver residents to experience and enjoy sport to the best of their abilities and interest, resulting in a high level of participation and performance
  • Be fair, inclusive, safe, and welcoming for all
  • Be recognized for a significant contribution to the development and sustainability of the city, and the health and wellness of Vancouver residents


Our values are adapted from True Sport Principles. True Sport is a Canadian movement that recognizes and promotes the life skills and values of community sport.

Vancouver was declared a True Sport community by City Council in March 2010.

Our values:

  • Wellness – Vancouver supports physical literacy for children and adults to lead healthy, active lifestyles through sport.
  • Inclusion – Vancouver provides accessible opportunities for sport participation within a welcoming, sustainable, and culturally diverse sport environment.
  • Excellence – Vancouver promotes program and event excellence, and opportunities for residents to reach the highest levels of sport performance.
  • Fairness – Vancouver encourages ethical sport and supports programs that lead to positive personal and community development.

Find out more about True Sport

Meeting frequency

Meetings are held every other month on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm. 

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for setting the direction of the Vancousver Sport Network's policy and operations.

The Executive Committee members are:

  • Greg White (Chair)
  • (Past Chair)
  • Physical Literacy subcommittee
  • Active for Life subcommittee
  • Quality Facilities subcommittee
  • Sport Hosting subcommittee
  • Tom Walker (Member)
  • Brock Turner (Member)


The Vancouver Sport Network is the official advisory body representing sport in the Vancouver. Organizations must be located within Vancouver to be eligible for voting membership.

The Vancouver Sport Network consists of:

  • Athletes
  • Parents
  • Coaches
  • Teachers
  • Administrators
  • Schools
  • Clubs
  • Recreation centres
  • Institutions, agencies, and groups who deliver sport and physical activity programs

Read the Vancouver sport network directory  (140 KB)

Find out about Vancouver Sport Hosting Grants

Sport hosting grants

Provides financial support for sporting events that might bring significant direct and indirect economic, social, health, and community development benefits to Vancouver

Vancouver's strategy for sport

Download the Vancouver Sport Strategy

The Vancouver Sport Strategy is a roadmap for sport in Vancouver. We are the first city to create a sport strategy within the Canadian Sport for Life framework.

Read the strategy
Visit the Canadian Sport for Life website

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