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June 2022


  •  Read more about the Vancouver Plan and how it supports our Climate Emergency goals
  •  Learn about five recent Council-approved reports that advance climate action in Vancouver
  •  Discover how green rainwater infrastructure supports us year-round 
  •  Find out where to repair your broken electronics and worn-out clothes
  •  Check out local events and green opportunities

NOTEWORTHY: Vancouver has been named the Most Sustainable City in North America, from a pool of 50 global cities, by Corporate Knights. The rankings were created based on twelve metrics, including air quality, transportation, water, policy and resilience. 

WHAT WEíRE READING: The Financial Times created an interactive game with the goal of avoiding runaway climate change. Take on the role of Global Minister for Future Generations and work your way through a series of questions in your quest to reach net zero emissions, all while learning more about the climate crisis and its potential solutions.

Greenest City news


After four rounds of public engagement, the final Vancouver Plan is being presented to Council next month. The Plan is Vancouverís first unified citywide plan to create a more livable, affordable and sustainable city for everyone. It guides the long-term growth of the city in an intentional way, clarifying where growth and change will occur over the next 30 years. The Plan will set out specific policies related to climate, ecology and watersheds, while also making Vancouver more resilient to our changing climate.

The Plan would be a major step forward in supporting Climate Emergency Action Plan goals of updating land-use planning to put more people within an easy walk or roll of their daily needs. Land use decisions also support many other Climate Emergency actions like improving public transportation services, ensuring new buildings are built with low carbon materials and include EV charging, and stimulating access to green energy ó all of which can foster affordability and better health outcomes for residents. 


Thank you to everyone who took time to provide input on the draft Vancouver Plan in April. Your feedback will be presented to City Council and considered as part of their decision on the Vancouver Plan. Once posted online later this month, you can view the meeting agenda and read the Plan. Watch the City of Vancouver and Greenest City social media channels for the most up-to-date information on when these items will be available. 

Thereís still an opportunity to share your thoughts directly with Council Ė once the Plan is posted online you can submit your comments or sign-up to speak at Council. 


Greenest City news


On May 17, Vancouver City Council approved four reports that will further Vancouverís leadership on zero-emissions buildings. They include actions to: reduce carbon pollution from new construction and existing buildings, add cooling and air filtration in new buildings, and introduce first-of-their-kind requirements in North America to limit emissions from building materials. Importantly, these updates also prioritize equity and climate resilience with many health benefits for residents and building occupants.

Altogether, the actions in these four reports will initially remove or avoid over 50,000 tonnes of carbon pollution in Vancouver per year, equivalent to removing 13,000 gas-fueled cars from our roads. Reductions will continue to grow over time.

In the same week, Council approved a report to grow Vancouverís electric vehicle charging ecosystem by encouraging EV chargers at gas stations and parking lots. This will add options for the many Vancouver residents, including renters, who cannot charge an EV at home.

Burning natural gas in our buildings, as well as gas and diesel in our vehicles, produce our largest local sources of carbon pollution, creating more than 90% of Vancouverís emissions. The actions approved in these reports are an important step towards achieving our goal of reducing our carbon pollution by 50% by 2030.


Read more about the reports that will further emission reductions from buildings here, and will expand Vancouverís EV charging network here.

Follow our Twitter for real-time updates on Council decisions related to climate action, and for other Greenest City events, news, and updates.



Green rainwater infrastructure (GRI) mimics natural water processes by working with soils, plants and trees to build structures to capture and clean rainwater. Itís a key tool in the Cityís Rain City Strategy, which helps achieve improved water quality, resilience and livability through healthy urban ecosystems. 

Vancouver has more than 300 (GRI) installations, which can take many forms: 
ē    Engineered soil blends that filter pollutants from rainwater;
ē    Evergreen native and superstar plants that can handle heavy rain during the winter months and clean rainwater runoff; and
ē    Rainwater tree trenches, which support the weight of sidewalks and roads and give roots room to spread, supporting bigger canopies that intercept more rain and can reduce the urban heat island effect.
As climate change brings more extreme weather events, like the atmospheric rivers and heat dome experienced in BC last year, itís important that Vancouver continue to invest in GRI tools like these to help ensure our city is resilient to our changing climate.


Bring green rainwater infrastructure to your neighbourhood by choosing plants that make a difference! Learn how your garden and gardening practices can support water conservation, biodiversity, and more beautiful, livable neighbourhoods.


Greenest City news


Dig out your gadgets, small appliances, computers and clothing in need of fixing and bring them to a free repair event.

Supported by a Greenest City Grant and the Cityís Solid Waste Programs branch, the Vancouver Repair Collective runs free repair events for Vancouver residents. Attendees will receive in-person help from expert volunteers to fix textiles, appliances and even computers and electronics.

You can learn new skills and save money while diverting useable items from the landfill. Taking action to repair items and reduce waste lowers our impact on the environment and helps us achieve our goal of becoming a zero waste city


Register for the next Community Repair Event taking place on June 18. More community repair events are taking place throughout the summer on July 16, August 13 and September 10.


Local green opportunities

When attending in-person events please follow COVID-19 health & safety precautions.

Botanical Outing in Brockton Point
June 16
Explore Brockton Point in Stanley Park while learning about some of its planted trees and shrubs.
Stanley Park Information Booth

Reuse and Recycling Drop-off Event
June 18
Bring your unwanted electronics, computers, small appliances, power tools, light bulbs, phones, used clothing, and much more to our free Reuse and Recycling Drop-off Event.
Hillcrest CC Ė overflow parking lot off Midlothian

Stanley Park EcoStewards
June 18
Volunteer with the EcoStewards to help manage and remove invasive plant species from the parkís ecosystem. In addition to participating in hands-on invasive species removal, you will also learn about local ecology and conservation issues.
Stanley Park

Greening Workshops: Ecological Gardening Session
June 19
Participate in an information session with BC Plant Health Care on topics such as soil health, plant nutrition, container gardening, square foot gardening method, plant health care and tree planting.
Trout Lake Community Centre

Considering a Heat Pump? Webinar
June 22
Improve your home while taking climate action by switching to an electric heat pump for your home heating and cooling. Join this webinar to learn about heat pumps and their benefits, how to find a registered contractor, and what rebates, financing offers and supports are available.

The Race to Zero: University Working to Catalyze Climate Action
June 23
The University Climate Change Coalition (UC3) Vancouver Summit invites you for a panel discussion exploring how to use the resources and influence of universities to accelerate climate action. 

Forest Bathing
June 23
Step into nature, take a deep breath of fresh forest air and let your body relax. Awaken your senses and experience the Japanese practice of forest bathing in this urban park oasis.
Pacific Spirit Regional Park

Climate Change and Your Health
June 25
Join Dr. Melissa Lem in conversation with Dr. Kaylee Byers as they discuss how climate change is affecting your well-being and how connecting with nature can improve your health.

Volunteering with the Bicycle Valet
The Bicycle Valetís volunteer team provides informative resources and valet-style parking at events in and around Vancouver. Join the team to support Vancouverís cycling community and get free entrance to events.
In person events, sign up online

Seasonal Farmerís Markets
The Trout Lake, Riley Park, Kitsilano, West End, Downtown, and Mount Pleasant markets are all now open. Visit the website to learn about local farmers, food producers and creators at each market and plan your visit. 

Streetwise Cycling Online
Any time
New to cycling? This free educational series from HUB helps adult beginner riders gain knowledge and skills to start their cycling journey at their own pace with confidence. 

SPEC Team Meetings
Want to connect with other like-minded individuals and share your knowledge on energy and transportation, food growing, or waste? Check the link for Society Promoting Environmental Conservation meet-up topics and meeting dates. 

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