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We are in a climate emergency

Our targets

We have set targets in line with recommendations by the global scientific community to:

  • Reduce our carbon pollution by 50% by 2030
  • Become carbon neutral by 2050

The climate crisis is the defining issue of our time. We are already experiencing the impacts of climate change, but there is still time to:

  • Dramatically reduce our carbon pollution
  • Prevent further warming

Recognizing this urgent threat, we declared a climate emergency in 2019 along with thousands of other cities from around the world.

Responding to the challenge

Responding to this challenge gives us an opportunity to come together to create a city that is healthier, cleaner, safer, equitable, and resilient. Take part in bold change

The science is clear

Scientists from the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change  warns we must limit warming to 1.5° Celsius to avoid catastrophic climate change, but the world is currently on track for 3-4° Celsius of warming by the end of the century, and the window for action is closing.

Cities need to act

Cities produce over 60% of global emissions from burning fossil fuels, particularly those in the global North, and are in the right place to transition to renewable energy.

Take part in bold change

We created the Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP) to reach the necessary carbon pollution reduction target of cutting Vancouver's carbon pollution. It identifies actions in areas we have jurisdiction over:

  • Land-use planning
  • Transportation
  • Buildings
  • Infrastructure
  • Enhancing and protecting natural systems

It calls for transformational changes and partnerships and bold climate policies that support individual behaviour change. 

To make this change, we need you. Get involved to help us create a climate friendly Vancouver.

Changing the way we plan

Land use planning supports all our other tools for climate action.

Changing the way we move

Nearly 40% of Vancouver’s carbon pollution comes from burning gasoline and diesel, both fossil fuels, in our vehicles.

Changing the way we build

Over half of our carbon pollution comes from burning natural gas, a fossil fuel, to heat space and water in our buildings.

Investing in natural climate solutions

Healthy local ecosystems like forests, kelp beds, and soils to capture and store carbon from the air.

Prioritizing climate justice

Equity and reconciliation are at the core of real climate action.

Supporting climate leaders

Many individuals and organizations are helping to lead the way.


Building the future we want


How we're getting there

Climate emergency 101

Learn more about what climate change and bold climate action mean for Vancouver. View video in other languages


Our plan in-depth

Learn more about the initiatives helping us reach our goals and targets, and our progress so far.

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